What are the penalties for XR-29 non-compliance

After January 1, 2016 all CT equipment not in compliance with the requirements of the XR-29 standard became be subject to a 5 percent per scan technical component reduction on diagnostic CT procedures billed in physician office and hospital outpatient settings. The reduction will increase to 15 percent Jan. 1, 2017. To understand XR-29 compliance click here.

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If my system is not NEMA XR-29 compliant how can I make it?

Until recently purchasing a brand new CT Scanner was the only way of avoiding the 5-15% revenue loss when scanning without dose tracking.  Now you can update your unit to become XR-29 compliant withSafe CT®-29, which seamlessly integrates with your Toshiba scanner’s existing configuration. The product uses the system’s own software to prevent scanning when assigned dosage exceeds per-patient targets. Installation is completed within hours, requires minimal workflow interruption and is cost-effective compared to other solutions on the market.

Safe CT®-29 is the best way to make your Toshiba system compliant

Safe CT®-29 is a comprehensive solution for bringing XR-29 dose check and dose report functions to your Toshiba Scanner. Our solution performs real-time dose data analysis, alerts operator of excessively high dose and prevents further scanning until dose levels are changed or confirmed and justified.

The solution is so sophisticated that its designed to be absolutely transparent to the operator, connecting to the CT console without altering the scanner’s operation or functionality. The system works as follows:

• Extracting dose data from the scanner without using any of the scanner’s resources or files.
• Displaying an alert or notification to the user, prior to the scan, if the estimated dose level exceeds pre-defined values.
• Preventing the ct operator from continuing the scan in case of over-the-limit dose in accordance with the XR-29 standards.
• Recording and logging all events and making results available for site review and audit.


Full Compliance – Full compliance with XR-29 Dose Check and Dose Report functions meeting the guidelines required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) XR-29 Smart Dose standard for CT imaging equipment

FDA 510(k) approval – Its the only FDA 510(k) approved 3rd party solution that provides full compliance with XR-29 dose check
Reliability and Availability – Safe CT®-29 tracks, logs and saves all actions. enterprise solution ensures no loss of data
Full Compatibility – Radiation Structured Dose Reports (RDSRS) are generated, saved, and sent to pacs or other DICOM destinations
Device Independent – If you are planning to upgrade to another CT you can update your current scanner and later transfer the system and license to another unit
Fault Tolerance – Safe CT®-29 is completely transparent to the CT scanner operation and workflow, and remains independent even in case of a failure
First-class Service – With over 150 sites already using Safe CT®-29, a quick and efficient installation and top level support is provided with the solution


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